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HPC User Documentation

Welcome on UNIGE's High Performance Computing (HPC) documentation. You will find here all the information you need to use the unige's clusters Baobab and Yggdrasil and get started.

Before accessing our HPC clusters, you need to :

  • Have an account - if you don't have one yet, request an account here.
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Use

HPC clusters at UNIGE

Use the HPC resources

Other resources

Support - get help

  • Still couldn't find what you need ?
    • use the search engine (use @hpc to only search HPC related pages)
    • check the detailed Table of content.
    • The Glossary if everything sounds like gibberish.
  • Forum/Community (recommended) : The HPC community forum is the preferred way to ask a question if you didn't find a solution here. The forum is quite active and it is the best way to ask for help, share, or discuss with the community.
    • Please use the Support>issue category and follow the template for any problems you encounter.
  • HPC-Lunch : First Thursday of each months, you can join our zoom session to discuss with us about HPC. More here
  • Email : For any other requests (confidential questions, meeting request, etc.) you can contact the HPC team by email (see below)

Contact the HPC team by email

For more general information about the HPC at UNIGE and eResearch : (Digital infrastructures and services for research)

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